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    Default 2861 grafts with Dr Lupanzola FUE

    Hi everyone, I thought Iíd share my recent experience of a HT with Dr Lupenzola in Brussels.

    Just as a disclaimer - all opinions here are my own - I really want to give an unvarnished - but very fair - account of my experience up until this point. Youíre not going to be given a gushing Ebay review type account of my experiences

    Iím 40 and first started noticing hair loss (like a lot of people) at 19 in a top lit bathroom mirror. Cue 20 odd years of angst, slow hairline loss and various different hairstyles attempting to hide the inevitable. I was an approx Norwood 3a before my transplant.

    I started getting serious about trying to do something about it in 2004 when I had old school Laser light therapy at the Advanced Hair Studio in central London. I schlepped up to London from the South Coast to sit under what looked like an old fashioned perm machine your granny used for an hour each Saturday for a couple of months. Those guys were (and Iím sure probably still are) a bunch of total muppets- high pressure salesman, expensive and just rubbish. £750 down the drain there.

    Iíve dabbled in generic fin, minoxidil and more recently Propecia (which I didnít get along with at all - but thatís another story) - itíll be topical fin starting a month after surgery.

    18 months ago I started doing some proper research about getting a HT done.. Inevitably searching for HT resulted in shit loads of insta and FB adverts for clinics in Turkey, I did some research around that - and was impressed with some results.

    I like a bit of research - so I went further down the rabbit hole, I started watching youtube vids by people like Matt Dominance, hairliciously and David DiMuzio. It struck me that thereís something not quite congruent about these guys videos - I didnít (and donít) buy what theyíre selling (and of course theyíre selling hard!)

    Then I discovered Joe Tillmanís channel, being a video producer I found some of the editing effects(and sound effects) on his videos a bit suspect - but the content seemed reasoned, solid and totally reasonable and he taught me a lot about the industry - it all made sense.

    From that I discovered the Bald Truth radio show and became a bit of an addict - playing Ps4 and listening to the show for hours on end. Iíve now listened to a few dozen hours of Joe and sweary Spencer (my girlfriend Alice coined that one - she has had to listen to plenty of swearing from their show), which has taught me a lot. Iíve also enjoyed Kobrenís ranting about the industry, week in, week out.

    Through this education I learned that Turkey really isnít the answer and that truly good HT surgeons are a rare commodity indeed. Thankfully through Spencerís IAHRS and Joeís recommended surgeonís thereíd be a reasonable choice of surgery options if I decided to do it (donít have surgery! theyíd say of course!)

    But then my cynicism kicks in...is the whole Tillman/Kobren thing too perfect? Why would these guys jump on air twice a week to listen to insecure men moan about hair loss and wood problems?

    Having a background in sales I figured out pretty quickly itís not totally altruistic and that they both operate highly informative (and very white hat) sales funnels. Which means they operate in a more cuddly and informative way than all of the other Youtubers and internet marketers with their links to discounts, e-books and favoured clinics.

    Of course ultimately Iím cool with that, as theyíve carefully cultivated a group of HT doctors that theyíve audited and are prepared to stake their reputations to recommend. The fact is these guys have many years experience and know the industry back to front.

    I had consults with three IAHRS members - Lupenzola being the third. Iíd enjoyed Joeís series of vids with the doc and had a good meeting with he and his client liaison guy Scott at the consult at a hotel at St Pancras in London.

    Perhaps the swaying factor for choosing Lupenzola (or lollapalooza as Alice my girlf calls him - sorry doc!) was having a good old rummage through Scottís recently transplanted hair. He was at that point, six months post op - and his highly hirsute look is pretty incredibleÖ As a poster boy Scott is a fantastic advert for Lupís skills - Iíd recommend having a look at his results (which I dare say are posted somewhere on this forum)

    After at least a decade of surfing forums and clinics websites - I took the plunge and travelled out to Brussels a few Saturdays ago.

    I spent a few days in Belgium with Alice before the surgery. We mooched around Brussels (the chocolate museum is by far the best thing to do there) and went on a day trip to Bruge - which was a lot of fun.

    A few things about BrusselsÖ Firstly itís not Rome.. or Paris, London or Berlin. Itís quite a small city with not much to do there.. Itís all waffles, beer, chocolate and Tintin. Donít expect to have your bollocks blown off by the place.

    We had fun - the biggest issue for me being on strict instructions to not drink any booze - in perhaps the beer capital of the World. Seriously itís a ****ing nightmare sitting there like a monk drinking mocktails whilst everyone else is getting lathered on amazing 8% beers!

    In Brussels - BEWARE the trams.. You need to get tickets to ride the trams - but for some reason they donít have ticket machines at tram stops and you canít buy a ticket on the tram. You buy tix in shops and at the VERY occasional machine at a major station. (the only one we found in our WHOLE stay was at Brussels Midi station.)

    I say this because we were ďbustedĒ by a conductor without tickets and he was about to issue 2 x 200EUR fines to us - before he got distracted, jumped off and the tram mercifully drove off without him on it!

    Anyway! Onto the surgery. Alice left on the Eurostar on the Tues in floods of tears - thinking Iíd die on the surgery table (or something)

    I was expected to be at the clinic at 6:30 the next day - so I got an early night. Next morning I was traipsing through the dark streets of a foreign capitalÖ I donít mind admitting thinking (not for the first time) ďwhat the HELL am I doing??Ē

    I arrived at the clinic, had a nice chat with the doc (who seemed much more awake than me - thank god). He shaved my head, drew the hairline and had me in the operating theatre toot suite.

    As far as hairlines are concerned, Iím very much keen on the conservative - I think itís absurd to build a new low hairline for a 40 year old. I just think it will look even more stupid in another 20 years. All good with Lup.

    I was to have @2800 grafts in front third of my head.

    Iíve never had surgery before - I canít say Iíd recommend the administration of local anaesthesia as a fun morning out. Itís pretty painful (4 out of ten Iíd say) like having a particularly sadistic cat scratch you over and over. Lup was very conscious I was comfortable and when the anaesthesia was sorted - the couple of hours of extractions on my belly was pretty painless (and very dull)

    He extracted approx 1400 grafts from the back of my head, after which he drilled (technical term?) the recipient holes for his techs to place on my head. All this part is fine. The best bit about being flipped into a normal seated position was there was a nice big TV in front of me to watch. I put on Rick and Morty which made the time pass a lot quicker!

    The whole surgery experience is pretty bizarre, but all credit to Lup and his team - everything seemed to be done with clockwork precision and highly professionally.

    I left after lunch - I returned the next day early again to have more extractions from the side of the head. These would be the famous single grafts which will make up the front of my hairline. Hopefully Iím not going to look like Gareth Gates or that bloke from West Life.


    Second day was all fine - aside from one of Lupís techs suffering from 10 minutes of tickly throat syndrome. Just as well they are so on-point with face masks and gloves etc. No issues at all. They bought me lunch and I headed off.

    I stayed one last day after the servery. My head, still soaked in anaesthetic, felt like I had a crash helmet on. Being 6í6Ē wasnít too much fun either - I was warned about banging my head or even touching my recipient area. I must have (lightly) grazed it or touched it accidentally about once every 9 hours in the first week - infuriating!!. As far as I can see, Iíve only lost one graft from my clumsiness - but itís a bloody nightmare and you feel like youíve ruined everything every time it happens!

    As an aside - I read a funny extract from Elton Johnís book where he talks about banging his strip surgery in the early 90s


    Since my return to the UK, itís been really interesting seeing things develop. As of today - 7 days post op.. Iím struggling to even see any redness in the donor zone - thatís repairing really well. I do a lot of sport - which Lup tells me helps the repair process along.

    The recipient area is looking good too. I started gently washing it with his shampoo today.. Hardly any redness there either. Which is pretty remarkable as one of the dudes at my martial arts gym had a HT a few months ago - and his recipient area is still red!

    I had the tiniest bit of swelling above my left eyebrow on day 4Ö that quickly went.. Alice and I were a little disappointed I didnít turn into the Elephant man for a bitÖ I guess thatís another plus point for the doc though!

    When I compare my results to the likes of Matt Dominanceís at the same point post surgery Iím very impressed. Alice canít even watch Matt Dís videos right after surgery - his head looks like turf ploughed by a tractor with blunt blades. She had no issues looking at my recip area.

    Itís always very difficult to review a product I wonít actually properly see for another year or so - but based on my experience so far - Iím very impressed with Dr Lupenzola and the Medikemos set up. My only real moan is that - typically - the Pound is now at a 5 month high against the Euro - days after I paid my balance :/

    Of course now is the waiting game - happy to keep posting pics of my progress - nice to be able to share my experience on here!

    1 hair 449
    2 hairs 1487
    3 hairs 876
    4 hairs 49

    Total 2861
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    Work looks nice and clean. Donor area also looks great to. Look forward to seeing how this progresses. Dr Lupanzula's work looks impressive and good to see more of it being documented. Think I've only really come across one case of his where the result was somewhat poor.

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    Cheers Frankie

    Now for the waiting game!

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    Thanks Cairnsicus for the thorough and refreshingly honest testimonial.

    I look forward to seeing your progress over the coming months.

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