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    Default Been on Finasteride for 3.5 months and seeking advice..

    I don't see a huge change in my hair since I started. My hairline has thinned progressively worse. I know Finasteride isn't a big help in the hairline, but I was hoping it would at least keep what I have. I am still shedding A LOT. I thought shedding was supposed to be toned down around month 3? When will I start seeing results with Finasteride?

    My current regiment is 1.25mg Finasteride daily and I wash my hair with Regenepure (SLS Free) shampoo every other day.

    Should I add minoxidil to my regimen? My hairline is starting to really scare me. Is rogaine the most recommended brand of minoxidil? How often will I need to apply it? Should I add this to my regimen or stick to Finasteride?

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    Definitely stick to finasteride, for as long as you care about your hair.

    In my personal non-expert opinion you should do the following:

    Definitely start using minoxidil. Try to get a stronger concentration than 5%.
    Add spironolactone lotion to your regimen.

    What I do, and I recommend you do is the following:

    Use minoxidil once a day or twice a day. If you get a stronger concentration such as ******* that Dr. Lee sells, then once a day should be fine. Do this before you go to bed or 2+ hours before you shower. After you shower(morning or night, doesn't matter) add spironolactone to the hairline.

    Minoxidil is really the best growth stimulant out there. Anyone not using it with hairloss is certainly missing out. You might be someone who can benefit a lot from it, as I was. If you use minoxidil there is a good chance your hair might improve a decent amount after 3-6 months. Hairloss happens fast and quite aggressively in the hairline that is why I recommend adding spironolactone to the hairline. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain the hairlines and I have heard a lot of people continue to lose ground even with finasteride. If you add spiro, the chance of losing ground is very slim.

    Lastly, definitely add a shampoo that contains ketoconazole 2%. I don't know if your current shampoo does or not.

    There is no real evidence that SLS shampoos are bad for hair.

    I use for all my hair loss products and my hair has gotten a lot better and is still continuing to improve. I HIHLY recommend you try some of the products Dr. Lee offers. He even has a minox lotion that I plan on getting next because it's much less of a hassle than a liquid. He has fast drying solutions etc etc. Really all you need.

    Lastly, your going to have to wait a little longer than 3 months to judge finasteride and I am no expert just a sufferer myself so take what I say with a grain of salt etc etc.

    Good luck man

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    There is NO way I will get off Finasteride. Was just wondering what else to add. 4-5 people on other Hair Loss forums said it took them 6-8 months before they saw results so that helps.

    I am almost done with my Regenepure shampoo. It contains Ketaconazol (sp?), but I am unsure if it is 2%.

    I also heard people talking about RU on other forums? Any clue what that is? Where can I get that spiro cream?

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    There is no magic number for how long it will take Finasteride to work/not work. Take a lot of good photos early on for reference. Give the drug at least year and then reassess your situation.

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