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    Unhappy short hairs falling off while using Rogaine

    Iím a 40 year old woman with diffuse thinning all over my head. I started using Rogaine after one year and 3 months from the first time I started noticing my hairline receding. Iíve been using Rogaine liquid 5% once a day now for almost 6 months. I noticed that I started growing hair at my hairline/temple area at about 2 months from using Rogaine. Unfortunately on the third month I noticed that the hair at the back of my head thinned out even more. So at this point I only gained hair at the hairline/temple area but overall I have less hair in a sense compared to when I first started using Rogaine. My hair feels thinner. Another thing is that I see a lot of short hairs fall off after washing my hair. I can only assume that these hairs are hairs that rogaine helped me grew out but for some reason they are not holding up and are falling out, thatís why even though I regrew hair, my hair just feels thinner. Itís not filling up anymore.
    Have you experienced lots of short hairs falling out while using Rogaine?
    Also I still continue to experience shedding. Itís not as much as when I first started using Rogaine for the first 4 months but I have not experienced that almost non-existent shedding that people claim to experience after 3 or 4 months of Rogaine use.
    Has this almost non-existent shedding been your experience or are you still somewhat shedding especially short hairs?
    I would really appreciate your input. Iím getting desperate. Rogaine has in a way worked for me but at the same time I feel that my possible new hair regrowth might not be working since I see so many little hairs fall off. Please help.
    Thank you!

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