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    Default nearly 33 years old. what should I do?

    slicked back, harsh light.

    I NEVER have it like this, I'm too self conscious of how fine/thin it is. The thing is, it seems to be like this all over my head.

    last November I buzzed it to an inch in length. last 2 pics are how I usually have it, swept over, this hides my hairline.

    what is the verdict? I am coming up to 33 years old.

    here is my hair when I was 16. ( half my life ago.. wow.)

    my dad died at 77. he had a good amount of hair for someone his age. think Bill Murray circa ghostbusters.

    my grandad on my mothers side went bald, he had a thin slicked back haircut at his late 40s, some years later it was gone. that's what worries me.

    my half brother shares my mother but has a different father, who started balding in his 20s. my half brother was bald before he turned 40.

    I take 1 viviscal man pill a day, not that I really noticed a difference. I have always been afraid to mess around with rogaine and other treatments.

    I am thinking about a transplant in the not too distant future but its a total minefield, so many websites, so many wildly varying prices..

    so what do I do ?

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    Iím really not sure what you are pointing out. For 33, your hair looks good. Mine is about the same as yours, slightly thicker in the vertex but I have mpb & take propecia to maintain it which is now losing ground. Your hair wont be like the glory days forever dude, as much as I hate to say it, were getting older. Im 34 btw. Donít stress and be happy, especially if you donít have the mpb genes.

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