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    Default Finateride no results after 9 months

    So Iíve been subscribed to HIMS to get finasteride and DHT shampoo for about 9 months. I am religious with my adherence to one pill per day. Iím pretty good with the shampoo apart from when I travel.

    I started in about December of 2018, with foam minoxidil. However, I never liked using it as it left my hair sticky and also I felt incredibly bloated when I used it. So I stopped using that in maybe January/February and stuck to just finasteride. Since taking it I have not stopped losing hair, in fact Iíve noticed my bald spot in the back maybe staying the same, but my front hairline severely retreating and thinning out. Almost aggressively so to where I started wearing hats at the gym because when I sweat itís very obvious and unattractive.

    At this point, is finasteride a dud and should i just consider surgery? Itís embarrassing and I lost a lot of self confidence over the past 5 years from this, am willing to try anything but minoxidil i has used in the past as well and it didnít work for me either.

    Iím just about 36 and ready to throw in the towel to ever having hair again, the problem is I know Iíd be very unattractive as a shaved headed guy so Iím hanging on hope that I can at least hang on to what I have left, as opposed to the ďnew growthĒ that I see espoused all over the place in the HIMS ads that just piss me right off.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    Hey whatís your diet? You take any supplements for gym?

    What brand finesteride are you using? Generic or genuine propecia? As genuine is much better consistency.

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    Could be that minoxidil made your shedding much worse than it should have been. I applied that garbage only once and 10 days later i got a massive shed (300 hairs daily) that never slowed down. Ofcourse I ended up blaming it on propecia suddenly losing its affectiveness 10 days after applying it, but what a coincidence? Minoxidil is a bad idea IMO for people with good density who get greedy for regrowth, buys you 3-4 years until you either discontinue and shed like crazy and lose more than you would have or it stops working. Id suggest trying Avodart/Dutasteride and see if it works for you.

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