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    Default New Regenerative Protocols

    For some time I have been promoting new protocols in the treatment of hair loss. I was not the first to jump on PRP, but I was one of the first. I was the first to add Acell to PRP. Then I was the first to lyse platelets to get higher concentrations of growth factors. What I've discovered is that there is good PRP and not so good PRP. Good PRP that is lysed is far superior to activated PRP and not activated PRP.

    Today we have new modalities including Amniotic Membrane, adipose (macro fat, micro fat, nano fat), adipose stem cells (SVF), and most recently exosomes.

    Today we have topical finasteride, which is far superior to oral finasteride.

    We have seen impressive results from SVF. We have seen impressive results from exosomes alone. I know that amniotic membrane is a far better stimulant of the dermal papilla than lysed PRP (both off the shelf and your own PRP). I am currently studying the influence of adipose and exosomes on the dermal papilla. These results should be out within a month or two.

    I want to present a case of grafting two weeks prior to injecting adipose (macro fat, micro fat, and nonfat). The overall result is far superior to grafting alone. This result is 15 weeks post transplantation and 13 weeks post fat grafting. The suggestion is that fat plus grafts amplifies the response of the grafts much faster while stimulating existing hair follicles.

    There is good reason to believe that adding fetal exosomes to your old fat stem cells will result in a much better environment for hair growth (existing and grafted). Stay tuned.
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