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    Quote Originally Posted by daleyw84 View Post
    So apologies if this has been seen in other well known forums but not having much luck so hoping you guys can offer some advice.

    So, thought Iíd finally say hello as have been looking around the forums a while now and recently joined.

    Iíve been suffering with hair loss for probably 10 years or so now and have been looking into treatments for the last two years. Iím probably Norwood 3 with some thinning in the crown also.

    Iíve used minoxidil for several months but suffered really badly with headaches so decided to stop although I was responding quite well to it.

    I was always against the idea of finasteride due to side effects, but two months ago starting taking daily so hoping I respond well to this to with no side effects.

    In that same period Iíve been researching hair transplants and am now at a point when I need to choose a suitable surgeon.

    Iíve read all the info of how important selecting a reputable surgeon is, but budget is important. I can almost rule out Feriduni, Lupanzula and Bis-sanga all who have quoted in excess of 8k. Iíve had consultations in the UK, which have not been the best experiences which encouraged me to look abroad. So having all but ruled out the above Iím debating over the following:

    Dr Acar Ė awaiting quote, package prices listed on site. Have seen a few reviews and results look good too.

    Dr Demirsoy Ė lots of positive reviews on here and results look impressive. Recommended 3000-3500 grafts at 1.25 euro . graft

    Hair of Istanbul Ė great results on Instagram and have spoken to Jeremy McConnell who said good things and looks to have had a great hair and beard transplant. Quoted £3100 maximum grafts (this puts me off slightly)

    Dr Sikos (Budapest) Ė initial discussions good, has good results on website but canít find many reviews. Listed is IAHRS and very competitive pricing, have formal consultation on Friday

    I have a friend heading out to Istanbul in October and his seeing Dr Cinik and has been quoted 2090 for 3900 grafts. Mixed reviews, Iíve read Dr Cinik used to work at Cosmedica too who have a good reputation.

    In addition to this I have recently been in touch with Dr Karadeniz who quoted £2300 for a 'session' of between 4000-5000 hairs as opposed to grafts? A little further research into the Dr shows that he did have some endorsement from @JoeTillman and was also on the IAHRS members list but is no more. Anyone had any experience of Dr Karadeniz?

    Have also emailed Dr Yaman but yet to receive a response!

    Sorry for the essay

    Thanks in advance
    10 years for hair loss is a long time. Probably you need a hair transplant operation. Minoxidil or Finasteride cannot provide a permanent solution. However, for a clear comment, can you send your donor and bald areas to us? Our medical team will convey your photos to Dr. Ekrem Keskin and he will finalize your medical report. We will wait for your messages.

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    Anyone here from South Florida?.........

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