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    Hi all,
    about 7 months ago i began indulging in some pretty heavy recreational drug use, along with eating fast food every night and overall not caring for my body that much. keep in mind, i am quite fit and exercise regularly, so iím not completely abusing my body but the fast food and low meals didnít help. Up until this year, i have had normal
    hair. Starting in march, i noticed a small bald spot appearing on my head around the crown, and thought nothing of it. By may however, i had friends pointing out that my entire back of my head was pretty barren, to the point that it was either bald or the hairs were so white that they were unable to be seen (pictured). since then, i have been vigorously trying to fix it with oils and such until July 19th, when i cut out all fast food and unhealthy foods, along with stopping my drug habits to be able to be cleaner. The last two photos are of on july 19th and the most recent one with the white mark on it is from a day ago, having just got a haircut and it being much shorter than the one taken on july 19th. I had gone to the dermatologist and he took 3 seconds to look at my hair before immediately calling it male pattern baldness, which some of my friends and family donít believe it is considering that i went from having almost no hair on the back of my head back to having actual but thin on my head since quitting all the bad things i was doing. I was wondering if you guys could help me out on identifying if itís MPB indeed or if itís just bad telogen effluvium considering i have had slight regrowth within the past 2 months, having only been about a month since i quit the drugs. i have been taking saw palmetto since june, which i contribute to some of the hair growth. Thank you
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