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    Default Hair tranplant (removal of scabs)


    I had a hair transplant surgery 7 days ago. 2770 grafts were planted.

    until now, I didn't face any crust as I was washing my hairs twice a day.

    however the scabs were dried out but I used to moisture them water spray bottle given to me by my doctor to use every after couple of hours.

    on 7th day, the scabs become so soft as if i touch them, they just came off. More than half came out on 7th day.

    But as they came off, my skin is red and feel little rough like have some pores or spots but transplanted hairs are intact in them.

    I am worried as did the grafts are damaged? i didn't feel much itching through out till now and when i feel itch, i used to spray water on the head and it helped me with itching.

    can someone please guide me as to have the redness on the transplanted area like pores or spots is normal even though the transplanted hair is intact in it?


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    Some redness of skin and roughness near the transplanted sites is quite normal 7-10 days after a hair transplant. You may also notice mild hair fall as the scabs begin to fall out, but happily this seems not to be a problem for you. No, you don’t need to worry about the grafts being damaged, simply refrain from picking or scratching at them, as doing so can cause infection and endanger the survival of the grafts. If the reddened area becomes excessively swollen, tender, or inflamed, you should contact your
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