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    Default Am I Balding?!? Please help!

    Hi everyone, so a little over a year ago I noticed my hair beginning to thin above my temples after receiving a haircut (undercut) as well as my hair breaking and ripping more frequently than it used to. This began to spark fear that I might be losing my hair. Since then, I have not gotten a haircut out of fear of what it might look like. At my current length, it appears not only that it might be thinning above the temples, but at the crown as well. Iím not sure if this is because of the length just weighing it down awkwardly near the crown or not, or if Iím actually experiencing baldness. Iím currently 24 years old, with only one uncle on my dadís side with any symptoms of major hair loss. My dad currently has a full head of hair at 61. My momís side shows no symptoms of hair loss and her father has only partially grayed at over 70 years old. This whole ordeal has left me extremely stressed and self conscious to the point where some days I canít even will myself to go out in public without a hat on unless Iím at work. Iím seeing a dermatologist later this month, but I would really appreciate any comments, knowledge or feedback. Attached are some recent pictures at my current length (keep in mind that these pictures for the most part are hiding everything as best as possible) as well as some pictures from around two years ago. I also apologize if the picture quality degraded from being uploaded and attached from mobile. Thank you!

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    Sorry about that guys, it is a NIGHTMARE to try and upload pics via phone.
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    Thank you for the post. There is no need to worry, especially given how proactive
    youíre being and how early youíre seeking treatment advice. Based on your pictures itís clear
    youíre showing slight temple recession near the widowís peak, signaling that you may be at a 2
    or 2A on the Norwood Scale.
    Since youíre too young to be considered for a hair transplant, you will be happy to know that
    there are strong medical treatment options to consider. Universally known, there are two FDA-
    approved drugs clinically proven to decelerate hair loss in the majority of users: finasteride
    (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine). Taking a daily dose of finasteride, in pill form, has been
    clinically proven to re-grow hair in 65% of men and slow hair loss in virtually all patients.
    As a non-medical option, you may consider adding groMD shampoo and conditioner to your
    daily routine.
    A formal diagnosis with a board-certified hair restoration specialist is highly advised, as he or
    she will be able to assess your current hair loss progression and recommend a tailored treatment
    Amir Yazdan, MD
    Member, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons
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