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    Default Calling Dr. Rahal FUT patients

    Could one of you be so kind as to remind me how Iím supposed to clean my FUT suture. I know I start with the baby shampoo. Do you I simply spray the wound with the shampoo, or am I supposed to apply the shampoo to the gauze and clean the suture that way? Once Iíve cleaned the wound, do I apply the polysporin using my fingers, or do I apply the polysporin to the gauze? thanks in advance!

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    Usually doctors give patients a paper with instructions on how to take care of the wound after the surgery.

    I'm not a patient of your doctor but it should be the same. Don't worry about it too much. Just do things gently with hardly any pressure on the area when washing it. I used to mix the shampoo in a cup with some water and then just pour it on and rinse it. Or work up some lather on a different area of the head and push it to the wound area.

    The ointment could be applied either way. No big deal.

    I've gone through this several times without a problem and I used to skip washing the first 24 hrs after the op.

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    thanks for sharing! your reply was helpful

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