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    I am 45 and have been having excessive hair fall for the past year now. I have always had a lot of shedding--my mom and sisters do as well. A family trait. But I had hernia surgery in Feb 2018 and nothing has been right since. I have also experienced serious stress in my personal life and that continues to happen. My formally beautiful thick, Latina hair is a former shell of its past glory.

    It falls all day long and its everywhere: bed, shower, couch, car, desk at work. It falls like a leaf on a tree while sitting and doing nothing. I have cut my hair into a bob but my hair just keeps falling enough to where I think I may go pixie, just to deal.

    I have seen my DO, GYN, Naturopath, and Dermatologist. My blood work is great and now I am waiting on my hormone test. The DO didn't find anything wrong but did a blood test and sent me to a very nice Dermatologist, who thinks its maybe a mixture of hormones, stress and triggered by the surgery. She gave my Ketoconzole and Fluocoinde to help. The GYN said it may be contributed to being peri-menopausal and we are doing a hormone test to see. There is a possibility is could be hereditary as my Dad is bald but Mom still has a thick head of hair at 68--she still has to get it thinned out! COME ON!!!

    I have fallen into a deep depression and my husband is fed up. He tells me that yes it has thinned but I know have to buck up and be a positive role model for our 11-year-old daughter. And I need to stop obsessing about my hair. I cant work and this hair fall is going to drive me into the loony bin. If I died, it would be a welcomed relief to all of this.

    Can anyone understand me because no one in my personal life does or says it is ok. And its not ok.

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