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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Ben and I'm new here. Well, I should say that this is my first time posting. I've been lurking on this forum and others on occasion for several years now since the start of my hair loss.

    The gist of my hair loss story is that I'm a diffuse thinner with a bit of recession in the temples and a bald spot starting at the back. I'm 36 now, and I first started noticing my hair loss 6-7 years ago. My hair was long at the time and I would end up with a decent amount of hair on my brush, but my hair was still thick and curly, so I just figured that was normal for having long hair (women's brushes are always full of hair). I cut it short and then realized that I was actually losing hair. I ignored it for about a year since it was slow and noticeable to no one but me.

    About 5 years ago, I decided to try Finasteride. I got a prescription through my doctor and began taking 1.25mg daily (generic cut in to quarters). I responded VERY well (no sides ever except for a day or so of slight ball ache right at the beginning) and my hair seemed to thicken up again, so problem solved...right?

    About 1.5 years ago I became concerned that I was thinning again, so I added Kirkland Minoxidil foam. I've used it religiously, but honestly I'm not sure if it's ever really made a difference for me. I don't feel like I've ever seen any of the little "fluffy" hairs that people seem to get when it starts working. Still using it but wondering if I should drop it at this point. Would hate to have a shed but I'm not sure if it's put anything additional on my head to lose.

    Anyway, these days it's become obvious to me that I'm thinning again. My hair is still fairly thick and honestly I can hide it pretty well by keeping the top longer and blow drying it in the morning but I've got the tell tale brush and comb full of hairs and the odd hair or two or five on my counter every time I style my hair, so it's happening and it's going to become more and more noticeable to others.

    Honestly, I kind of wish I had a receding hairline instead of diffuse thinning. I'm 36, so I'm not a kid anymore. I could deal with a mature hairline, but diffuse thinning sucks. Also (and as I understand, this is not entirely uncommon), my left side seems to be thinning a bit more than the right, so I have to play the "part game" every morning to try and strategically hide that.

    Also, my sides and beard are rapidly turning grey, so losing the top is really going to suck. I feel like I'm going to go from looking 30ish to looking 50ish real fast. I'll try and get some pics up at some point soon here.

    Anyway, just wanted to intro myself and hopefully make some friends here that are dealing with the same shit.

    I've been reading some of the stories about guys adding Dutasteride once or twice a week and having some success. Wondering if that might be something to look into since I responded well to Finasteride for several years with pretty much no sides? Any thoughts or sharing of experiences would be much appreciated.

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