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    Question Recommendations for a 17 y/o

    I'm currently 17 and entering my senior year of high school with about a norwood 2. I have genetic baldness on both sides of my family. My current regiment (which I've been following for about 2.5 months) includes 1 ml of 5% RU58841 daily, ketoconazole shampoo every other day, and 1.0 mm derma rolling twice per week. Note I REALLY don't want to start topical minoxidil because I don't want to be rubbing foam on my scalp in front of a mirror twice a day in college (at least I can be a little more discreet with RU).

    Despite the aforementioned, i still see diffuse thinning along my hairline that seems to be spreading farther back. I don't know if this is still an early shed associated with starting RU or derma rolling. Anyway, I am considering starting finasteride but I'm concerned that it'll curb full development of my facial hair and/or any other late pubertal traits (I'm still somewhat 'young' looking). I've also looked into oral minoxidil but the reviews of that are overwhelmingly negative. I'd seriously appreciate some insight into my situation

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