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    Default tried everything!

    i am 42 and my saga started 20 yrs ago and i have tried what i feel is everything! I am happy to say i am in a good place now.i use beta sitosterol and have prp therapy and have had a fue procedure things are good.

    It is really sad to me that there are so many charlatans out there trying to prey on mostly guys for a quick buck..

    i have gone to two surgeons that are supposed to be the best in there field one in ontario and the other in NY and had less than desirabl results...

    I dont even want to think how much money i have wasted on mail order and prescritions that only left me with less in my pocket..

    It seems to me that hairloss is the only part of the medical community thats like the old west..meaning it is a free for all!

    These surgeons giving and doing bad wk should be held accountable and in some cases loose there license.They scar people for life and say sorry and your suppose to just except it..

    Really dont know how some of these Drs sleep at night..?

    If i can help anyone in this area with advice i am happy to do that!!!
    I really have tried everything!

    I am happy to say things are the best since this nightmere started but not because of any one particular source but because I took the time to do my homework. I will continue to fight this bugger to keep the hair that I deserve and try and keep my sense of humour in the process..

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    hi there tbone i am looking to get a hair transplant very soon but have just com across your post , as i am planning on maybe travelling to ny or canada from the uk , i would be very intersted if you could give me any advise , thanks

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    I really cant help with referral.. ive gone to 2 surgeons and wasnt happy with either..true in ny 1996 awful!than dr.jones in feb and very disappointed..
    dr jones was hardly in the room and was very arrogant.He had 2 techs do most of the work and although the side that Linda did(one of his techs)is fine the other side that the tech with russian accent did is pluggy looking. when I contacted him about this he was very patronizing.

    the advice i can give is; ask if they will be in room whole time?
    make shure you go over everything! and check for complaints.

    good luck!

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