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    So I will probably be going to Feriduni to get my hairline lowered and temples filled. He confirmed I am a good candidate.

    However, what should be questions to ask or things to make sure of BEFORE undergoing the surgery?

    Please write all ideas you have here.


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    Hi there,

    Great choice in surgeon, caring ethical and skilful.

    This topic will help

    General questions to ask at Consult :

    Make sure you have these written down and any other questions you can think of. Also if at all possible take someone with you you trust as your emotions will be running high and its easy to forget to ask the relevant questions.

    1.What kind of procedures do you perform does the clinic perform ie. Strip, FUE , BHT - if so for how long and ask to see results and be put in touch with actual patients.

    2. What type of donor closure does the hair transplant surgeon use? Does he use sutures or staples, and why does he use his chosen technique?

    What type and size of instruments does the hair transplant doctor use to make recipient incisions?

    3.What is the length of time that this hair transplant physician has been performing hair transplant surgery?Ask about his credentials and experience and governing bodies he /she are assosiated with.

    4. How many hair transplant technicians are employeed with their clinic? What is the length of time each hair technician has worked for the clinic?

    5. Ask if you are a good candidate and ask for an explanation to why? Ask to see similar comparisons.

    6. What is the state of your donor region and how many grafts does the doc feel can be safely harvested in one session and via multiple surgeries / methods?

    7. Gain an estimate of how many grafts you require now and also how many are likely to be required in the futured based on your goal.

    8. How good your donor laxity and how you can improve this prior to surgery IF required. can they demonstrate

    9. Make sure you discuss YOUR exact goals (hairline, temples, forelock, crown, hair density, hair coverage, etc)

    10. Ask how many grafts the doctor will use in your balding area

    11.Ask if your goals are reasonable and if they can be met with your hair characterisitcs.

    12. Establish how suitable you are for a HT in their opinon.

    13. Very importantly ask if you can meet or talk to previous patients in similar circumstances to yourself. Also ask to see testimonials and plenty of photos.

    14.Ask about costs involved eg. prices of consults(if applicable), amounts per graft and additional aftercare, medications etc as most clinics vary from some degree and its good to know exactly where you stand!

    15. Can I get a reduced fee for short notice surgery? Travel reimbursement?and ask how long their wating list is.

    16. Discuss medications such as propecia and finasteride to help prevent further loss. Ask if they can perscribe?

    17. Does this hair transplant clinic dissect hair grafts from the strip using a microscope?

    18. Ask about post op and pre op instructions. Can you have a list (hardcopy)

    19. Can you record the entire consultation? If no, walk out.

    20. Have they had any HT surgery? If so who with?

    Red flags

    "Just had a cancellation and we can see you next week."


    Special deals

    Cold calling by consultants or doctors

    No results to show

    No patients to speak to or see

    Small number of staff

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    A few key points Iíd mention are: meet and talk with your surgeon prior to the day of the surgery, not only on the day of the procedure itself. This is done to fully understand the kind of grafting planned, sessions needed, and density as related to facial morphology.

    Otherwise, Spex has pretty much summed it up nicely as to what you should expect!
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