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    Default May Be Balding. All I Know Is That It Looks Like It

    Hello. I am a readhead that is currently 18 at the time of this post and will be 19 soon, and have had this phenomena with my hair for the past four years or so. Its the reason why I never have a long hair style and why I used to get my hair cut so regularly, but since I am in college now, that isn't an option.

    My problem is that the crown of my head looks to have a bald spot covered by a really bad comb over when my hair is long. I'm not quite sure if this is my hair thinning before balding or what, but the sure fire way to get rid of this was to get my hair cut shorter. When my hair was short, I could never see or feel any bald spot besides the exact center of the crown of my head. My hair line isn't receding either, but it was never that good in the first place. My hair is very stubborn, and I'm hoping that's causing the "bald" patch by pulling all of the hair away from that spot but I don't know anyone who has any experience with this. the reason I think this is because I can recreate the bald patch all over my head, and combing through my hair with my hands feels the same all over.

    I'll post a photo that best shows what I'm dealing with, but ill post a link with the rest of them as to not clutter the page. Click image for larger version

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