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    Default 3 weeks post op.....is this normal?

    Hi everyone. I am 21 days post op with 1500 grafts in the hairline + PRP. I am 33 years old for reference and healthy. Everything went smoothly the first 2 weeks. The scabs came off nicely mostly in the shower and I thought I looked very good when they came off. But over the last week while the shedding has started Iíve noticed these tiny bumps appear all around my recipient area. They donít itch at all but they look like goosebumps everywhere. I contacted the surgeon on Friday and have sent numerous messages since then and no one is responding. It's hard not to google and keep your mind racing when this is happening. Should I be panicking right now? Is the Fucidin H they gave me for the donar area ok to put on for the inflammation or whatever it is? I remember him telling me I have very thick skin after he performed the incisions. Could that be causing inflammation requiring some antibiotics and steroidal cream such as the fucidin H? Someone help.

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