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    Default Long and detailed article questioning DHT as the cause of baldness

    Long and detailed article questioning DHT as the cause of baldness.

    Here’s an extract:

    “We’re attempting to answer one of the most challenging paradoxes in hair loss research: If the male hormone DHT causes hair loss, but DHT-inhibiting drugs like Propecia only stop or partially reverse hair loss… then how come hormone replacement therapy for male-to-female trans patients (reducing DHT + increasing estrogen) can lead to near-full hair recoveries?

    I know that’s a mouthful, so let’s slow down the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) paradox more:

    Research shows the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes hair loss but research also shows that stopping DHT production doesn’t regrow all lost hair. It typically just stops hair loss, and sometimes leads to partial hair recoveries. However, male-to-female HRT patients (who take drugs to decrease DHT and increase estrogen) have achieved full hair recoveries. The question is… why? If DHT causes hair loss, but reducing DHT typically only stops hair loss… then how come reducing DHT + increasing estrogen can lead to major hair regrowth?

    This is a complex and caveated question — with a complex and caveated answer. And in order to explain why MTF hormone replacement therapy regrows hair, we actually need to answer two questions:

    First — if DHT causes hair loss, why doesn’t stopping DHT production regrow all lost hair?
    Secondly — how can stopping DHT production + increasing estrogen lead to full regrowth?

    In the next few sections, we’ll tackle that first question. We’ll reveal the evidence behind the “DHT causes hair loss” claim. Then we’ll explain why that claim is wrong. Finally we’ll uncover the two likely drivers of hair loss — calcification and fibrosis — where DHT fits in, and how calcification and fibrosis explain why stopping DHT halts hair loss, but doesn’t necessarily reverse it.”

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