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    Default Thinking of going to dr. Bloxham for ht

    I have been corresponding with dr bloxham by email. I was surprised with how fast I got responses from him. Great guy and i am very appreciative that he took the time to reply. Through email, we agreed on 1500 grafts using mfue I believe it is called. So instead of having a huge*fut*strip scar, I'd have 4 to 6 small 2 cm donor areas in different spots in my head. I am just curious to hear from others who have chosen dr. Bloxham before I book a appt. I started*losing my hair since my mid 20s. Started using minoxidil at 26 and finasteride at 32. I am 41 now with pretty much only hairline issues. Just wanted to make this post and hear from others who have had this procedure done or who have used dr. Bloxham. He is*my top*choice to do this now that feller seems to no longer do it. He did a*ht*on a guy I met who had it done 10 years ago and it turned out very well. Anyways..hope to hear responses so I can book the appt. I dont think I ever had to make a harder decision in my life. It is a lot if money and scars can prevent a shaved head if I am one of the unlucky ones who doesnt have a*result.

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