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    Default hi all , advise please.

    hi all i am a 29 year old male living in the uk , please could some of you guys have a look at my profile pic and advise me on the possibility of getting a hair transplant ie: where to go for the work , amount of grafts , costs etc..... i have been taking fin for 6 months now 1.25 mg every other day and so far things look good , as i dont seem to be loosing any hair on my pillow or when i shower , so i would maybe like to get a ht to fill in the missing areas , any advise would be greatly received ,

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    That's great that finasteride appears to be working for you. However, you should still be cautious about jumping into a hair transplant, as you are young and hair restoration surgery is a big emotional and financial commitment. Hair loss is progressive and there is no guarantee that finasteride will prevent further hair loss forever.

    You will find a lot of great advise and information on this site. Make sure you read about the different procedures (FUE vs. strip) and patient experiences with various doctors. You can find a list of IAHRS recommended physicians by location here: http://www.iahrs.org/SearchDoctor.asp. Presently, the only recommended physician in the UK is Dr. Farjo, in Manchester, so you may need to consider traveling for your procedure.

    Once you narrow down your physician search, you should opt to do a few virtual consults, in which you will submit photos and information (hair characteristics, degree of hair loss, family history, etc.) in order to get some expert opinions on whether you are a suitable candidate for a transplant, and how many grafts you may require. These recommendations, as well as graft prices, may vary substantially which is why it's a good idea to speak to a few different clinics. Just remember that you will have to live with your hair transplant results for the rest of your life and, therefore, definitely want to be in the best hands (i.e. don't make any decisions based simply on cost or proximity).

    I hope this information helps, let me know if you have any additional questions.

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    All good advice from CIT_Girl. It really is best to get graft estimates from doctors, who you can send your photos to for evaluation. Your profile photo looks like it would be a good, clear one for this purpose - if it were larger!
    Apart from the aforementioned Dr Farjo, it is true that you are best off flying abroad for a transplant. There are many option both in North America and in Europe.

    They say it's best to give the Fin a year to see what, if anything, it will do for you in the way of re-growth, and to see if it is stabilizing your hairloss.
    I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal

    My FUE With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result

    I can be contacted for advice: matt@rahalhairline.com

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