Used rogaine foam a few times, completely destroyed my hair, will it ever come back? -
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    Default Used rogaine foam a few times, completely destroyed my hair, will it ever come back?


    I'm a 32 year old male with no real history of hair loss in my family and only slight thinning of hair but overall a thick head of hair....

    So around January 20th 2019 I decided to try rogaine foam and told myself I would make it a daily regimen of my life and commit as many others have done. I applied small amounts in small areas that could use more density then eventually decided I would just start rubbing it in on the whole frontal area of my head to thicken up everything. Anyways, just from that one time of rubbing it into my frontal hair area my whole area of previously thick hair went flat. The hairs became dead nearly immediately and no longer had the density it had previous. Come a few weeks later hair began to start shedding. It is now June 6th 2019, 4.5 months later and my hair has continuously kept shedding ever since that day. Not only that, the whole area of existing hair is much thinner in shaft size... My hair has completely lost its density and Ive been officially freaking out fro the past month as it has gotten progressively worse...

    There seems to be a lot of back and forth in regards to using rogaine... The hairs that have been shed were previously pretty healthy hairs, not ready to be lost just yet due to aging... My question is, will this hair that was shed and thinned ever recover? I only used it once and it has created a shedding like I have never seen. Ive always noticed hair sheds due to lack of sleep or too much drinking the night before or stress but im sleeping properly, my stress levels arent bad and my diet/exercise is decent. Will my head ever stabalize? If so, when? Like I said the shedding just hasnt stopped and the texture of my hair hasnt recovered... Is it truly lost forever or did I simply induce a shed phase that takes time to recover?

    Please help...

    Thank you.

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