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    Lightbulb BBC Radio Interview - Rob Lowe is below the belt.

    Interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland today regarding Rob Lowe and his negative comments towards Prince William. I draw attention to the fact Rob Lowe is only small despite his great head of hair and maybe he's suffered his own demons regarding his tiny stature and should consider how offensive his remarks actually are.

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    Just heard the interview. Great way to put it. Insecure I feel and no doubt Robís remarks can be taken as offensive. He definitely does not know how losing hair feels like.

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    Lol, nice one Spex! It is true, and very annoying, that this kind of double-standard does exist. My own wife has made a similar sort of comment about Prince William, and you're right, nobody would dream of making a comment like that about someone's weight, and arguably, they'd have more 'right' to do so, because your weight is something that you have direct control over - baldness is just genetic roulette.

    For some reason, it's socially acceptable to mock baldness - even down to the TYPE of baldness - society says it's fine to mock somebody if they suffer from male pattern baldness, but unconscionably cruel to do the same thing to somebody with alopecia. But what's the difference?

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