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    Default 20 years old and balding fast.

    I have completely lost all self esteem now.

    I've had a receding hairline since is was about 13... YES, 13.

    I was horrifically bullied in high school and college as a result of this. This year I will be 21 but instead of celebrating that fact I want to end my life.

    How is it that young man can change his entire outlook on life when his mind hasn't even fully developed?

    My sex life is none existant, I refrain from water/fast paced activities because of my hairline, I've declined holiday invites and am starting to feel like I have no way out.

    Life is cruel but being bald before your 21st birthday is more so. My hair loss has caused severe mental health and self esteem issues. Medicine, counselling and regular exercise do not work anymore. I'm a ticking time bomb just waiting to drive my car into a brick wall.

    Shaving my head is not an option as it will cause so much anxiety and stress, probably more than I feel right now. Every day is a battle and I just cant win.

    If I could somehow commit a despicable act on another person for a full head of hair I probably would.

    My life, confidence, self esteem and general outlook on life has been totally destroyed because.. of.. my.. ****ing... hairline.

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