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    Default 23 year old experiencing extreme diffuse thinning. Advice?

    I really appreciate all the info in this forum itís helped a lot through this dreadful period in my life. To give you some background on me, Iím 23 year old and Iíve always worn my hair very shaggy and long. My hair has always been very thick but this last year Iíve noticed it slowly start to thin in a bizarre pattern all over. Only 3 months ago did I realize how bad it has gotten and Immediately jumped on the big 3 + dermarolling. Unfortunately the last 3 months I have lost a dramatic amount of hair, what started as very minor thinning has now progressed into very extreme loss to the point I donít feel comfortable in public without a hat. I wish I had good pictures from 3 months ago but the loss has been significant. I have read about pretty heavy sheds but this is really extreme.

    I have no evidence of MPB in my family tree other then slight thinning in my 55 year old uncle. My dads side has ďwidows peakĒ style hairlines buy very thick and full hair. Now Iím pretty certain I just got unlucky and itís indeed MPB. The only thing that has me second guessing is how hard itís been to find comparable examples to my situation online and believe me I have searched and searched. The only thing that I have found that looks similar is telogen effluvium pictures, which from my understanding is reversible In some cases. Iím going to see a dermatologist and getting full bloodwork to check for hormonal imbalances and nutritional issues but I wanted to throw myself at the mercy of this forum for advice to my specific situation.

    Any chance this could be one of those rare cases of thinning from something other than MPB? Any advice at all would be awesome.

    Pics: https://imgur.com/a/t9RXmbm

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    Youíre at the right place. Just remember youíre not alone nor an anomaly. You will find your answers and I wish you the best.

    Keep doing your research, in the meantime I would get a physical and ask your doctor to run tests that could be related to your sudden onset of hairloss. Just remember that you wonít see any results from any treatment you start for a few months down the road. If you arenít doing minoxidil, thatís the place to start. That and perhaps a topical finasteride. I canít see a young man like you risking the sexual side effects from the pill form. JMO

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    Hello guys iam 23 as well, iam I balding?
    This is from a haircut I had a week ago
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    You've got really good hair Just fill it up with scalp Micropigmentation and it will look same as you have full head of hair you never see those bald spots again If you have any questions don't hesitate to call or drop me a line at www.scalpfull.com email scalptoronto@yahoo.com I will be more then happy to make you look amazing......

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