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    Default Looking for general information on CB-03-01

    Hey, guys. I posted this first on Reddit and then on ************ (Lol! I love that *** is censored btw) and received absolutely no help, so let's try this one more time...

    I'm sure most of this forum's regulars know all about CB-03-01 (AKA "Breezula"). Phase II trail data for the product dropped a few weeks back, and the results are certainly promising (by my standards anyway). This might not be quite as effective as finasteride, but if it can retard hair loss even half as effectively as the Merck's pill without the awful side effects, and terrifying theoretical long-term risks, that's a huge step forward.

    The problem is that, even if this drug does make it to market, the soonest any of us are going to be filling a prescription is probably about three years from today... so is there another way to obtain it? I know a handful of people have been purchasing the substance (so they're told anyway) from Chinese distributors for the past few years, and this seems like a possibly decent strategy provided a few questions can be answered and certain precautions can be taken. I'd love it if any members of this community with chemical engineering training or experience in medicine could respond to the following:

    How difficult is it to synthesize a drug like this? This is somewhat of a vague question, but I'm really clueless here. The chemical composition of CB-03-01 seems to be available to the public, so is formulation mostly trivial with standard equipment or are there trade secrets that prevent most well-equipped labs from producing the stuff?

    Assuming there is a fairly straightforward and standardized process, could an engineer/pharmacist guess at the risks posed by whatever byproducts/residual precursors are likely present in small quantities?

    How are current CB-03-01 customers verifying the legitimacy of the product? Are people regularly sending samples to independent labs for testing? Would it be financially viable to perform this sort of testing for every batch if a large number of members here bought in bulk?

    It really appears that we may finally have an alternate anti-androgenic treatment with real evidence of efficacy, and while it isn't necessarily the be all end all, this might be a big deal for those of us who can't/won't use finasteride.

    Also, if this isn't the right community for this sort of discussion, please point me towards a better one (if you know of it). Thanks guys.

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    You can buy it here but don't know how to mix it. After the poor results from Brotzu lotion i wouldn't get your hopes up too high for this.


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    Thanks for the response. I'm familiar with Kane and his products, but I'm not trusting enough to give him my money without some confirmation of legitimacy. Hopefully some members have experience with chemical testing and can advise.

    And did Brotzu ever have any published research backing its efficacy? CB-03-01 has just recently been proven effective (at least over a 12 month period) through a legitimate, large-scale dosing trial. It sounds like it's probably not as potent as fin, but even so, has any other topical anti-androgen ever been shown to do anything in humans? We've been throwing around conjecture about Spiro, RU and the like for years and years, but I don't think any of those treatments had even a single accessible human study behind them.

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