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    Hi Chopper, Nice to meet you too. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic soon. Let me know if you have any questions at any time.

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    Thanks David, getting nervous but confident I have the right guys! See you next month.

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    Well guys, my FUE was done & dusted last week at the Maitland Clinic in Portsmouth. Iím now exactly 1 week in and very happy with how itís going. I donít think I can give Dr Ball and his team enough credit in the time I have for this update. Iíll just say they exceeded my expectations in every respect. The whole team are a solid unit and work seamlessly together. They kept me in the picture from start to finish and ensured I was comfortable throughout.

    On the morning Dr Ball was even gracious enough to give in to my last minute request to have one temple point evened up. He took it in his stride, agreed it was a good idea and did a quick re-design ☺

    There was no pain at all (a few numbing little injections initially which were much less harsh than I was anticipating) all subsequent injections were done whilst area was still numb so didnít feel a thing. There has been no pain since the procedure. The graft total count was 1,720. Hair count 3324. 490 single, 850 double & 374 3-4 hair grafts.

    I have included some pics the 1st three being on the evening of the surgery. The rest taken after 5 days. Iíll try to update monthly to keep you all in the picture. Really happy with the whole thing and if you are in the UK and thinking about this I strongly suggest you at least talk to Dr Ball and/or David Anderson before making any firm decisions. People often say the UK has a poor representation when it comes to HT surgeries, when actually I believe we have one of the worldís finest right here in Portsmouth! Iíd just like the say a heartfelt thanks to Dr Edward Ball, David Anderson, Karen, Hildie, Janna Mo and Georgie (apologies for any misspelt names!) for making it a great day!
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    Congratulations and nice write up.

    Dr Ball, David, Janna and team have impressed again! Well done to all involved.

    Heal and grow well!

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    Online Consultation - Whatsapp +34 642 37 03 83

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    Congrats !
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    Thanks very much for your write up on your day, all went well and it was a pleasure being able to help you. Here if you need any advice and I look forward to following your progress.

    Do you have any updated pics of how the healing is going?


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    Thanks Raphael & Spencer,
    I am overseas atm with work. However all is going very well and I will do a 1 month update once I'm back again next week. In the meantime David I have sent you a quick email.

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    Well here's the 1 month update (actually Iím 3 days off but close enough!) Iíve hit the dreaded ugly duckling stage with quite a bit of shedding I think. Completely normal I know but itís funny how you hit a bit of a wall during this 1-5 month period. The initial 10 days I actually loved as I could see a hairline again, although it was red and a bit scabby it was still a hairline! But after can be a bit anticlimactic. Iíve tried to offset it with fairly regular gym visits, the purpose being to take my mind off of it and actuate a change that I can see happening before my eyes. I am finding its giving me something to focus on other than bloody hair!

    I noticed after uploading my original pics that I was getting a bit diffuse at the back so finally got around to making some big changes to my regimen this week in the hope of speeding things up and possibly making some mid-scalp/vertex (any anywhere else!) gains on top of the HT; itís all out war now! Iíve now been on Propecia for 3 months (and was on a non branded finasteride for about 2 months before that) and hopped on Minoxidil (rogain foam) as of the beginning of this week, day and night. Iíve also started with Nizoral shampoo twice weekly, derma rolling once weekly and started taking biotin suppliments. I'm prepared for a bit of shedding. This is all on top of a healthy balanced diet so my whole body is benefitting from me trying to grab some extra hair, win/win!

    Anyway it has all gone smoothly so far (there were absolutely no complications during/post surgery, and I don't seem to be getting any sides from any of the meds) so just gotta be patient now (and quietly dream about HT No. 2 in my distant future where I drop the hairline just a fraction!) This is all kind of ironic as I separated from my wife last year and only now actually feel like the time is right to start possibly dating again but I might just have to wait it out until to I'm a bit less bald as I still think I look kinda weird under any kind of light!
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    Donít worry about the shedding phase. I lost all my transplanted hair on top a few weeks after. There was nothing left. at around month three it started regrowing fast with a vengeance.

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