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    Default Is this MBP or some other hair loss?


    Age: 22

    So I noticed this thin patch you see in the pictures around 2-3 months ago and it looks roughly the same from then. I was cutting my own hair with clippers and I realized as I trimmed that side of my head, it cut a lot easier than the other side. I didn't think much of it at the time but decided to monitor it. So I checked today and it seems a lot more apparent with longer hair (in the pictures). I did do a 2 week water fast a month ago so it may have expedited it, idk.

    So because I knew this day would come I already had an idea of what I may have to do to counter it if it is indeed MBP (unsure). I scheduled an appointment for my dermatologist some time next week but I am getting antsy and want to start treating the issue. This is my plan but am unsure whether I should couple minoxidil or fin together this early in to the hair loss:

    Biotin Pill 1x a day

    Minoxidil on affected area 2x a day (liquid 5%)

    Finasteride 1x a day

    Nizoral Shampoo every 3-5 days

    Dermaroll once every week (avoid minoxidil this day) with application of (castor & coconut) oil

    I know this may seem excessive but I feel like I caught it at a point where I can get some density back and this is my opportunity to start fighting the hairloss battle for a while before we hopefully get a damn cure to this thing.

    My questions are:

    - What is the cheapest way to obtain Fin and exactly how much of a pill should I pop depending on the mg? I was hearing about Proscar but it seems unlikely that my dermatologist would prescribe it.

    - Should I just take minoxidil for the affected area or should I take both Fin & Minox? (keep in mind I'm 22 and some people are against taking either or at this age)

    I'd love to start a routine so I can create a discipline to fight this battle without it taking too much of my day stressing about so any suggestions would be welcome.

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