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    Default 39 and decided to make a start

    Hi guys. I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 39 (just), from the UK and have for some time had the traditional receeding hair line.

    It started out perhaps when I was in my early 20's with the maturing hair line, and todate all be it slowly, has receeded to perhaps a N2 or N2a if thats the correct term.

    It has been a slow recession with occasional months of shedding, then when I stop looking at it it seems to stay the same. This year to be fair has been a stressful one for me, and I had a shed about a 3 weeks ago which I think has stopped this was about 2 months after a loss in the family. But I compared it to a pic I took last year in Sep and it doesnt look much worse.

    But I'd like it back. I dont have a good shaped head for shaving (not tough enough...)

    Anyway, I have made an apt for consultation with Dr Farjo in November 2010and today received my first pot of Regain liquid to try. (v scared of trying propecia just yet)

    Family history is mixed, with Grandads from what i can remember having very short hair, but losing it. My dad is nearing 70 and whilst it is whispy on top it is as thick as a bear round the sides and back. Uncle on Dads side is full head. but my mother had no brothers or sisters so cant tell from her side.

    My hair is also very very thick at the side and back, everytime i go to the hairdressers they launch into the sides and back with thinning scissors just to get it to lye flat. The hair on the floor afterwards would fill a duvet, honestly..

    I would just like the frontal section filled in so I can style my hair again without gaps.

    Interestingly, my sides and back are greying but on top its all sorts of colours ranging from dark to light blonde and light brown. So if i had an HT I would dye it all the same so i didnt look like a skunk..(to be fair I'm dying it now anyway).

    As a result whilst I like my hair short ish round the sides and back I think i can accomodate a strip scar (neat one) without noticing. I have so many scars on my body that one on my head wont hurt...

    So thats me, I'm hoping i dont shed loads with regaine 2% and am looking forward to chatting with the guys at Dr Farjo's in November.

    Thanks, Michael (Charlesfranceuk)

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    Michael, do NOT get a hair transplant. You are balding gracefully. Don't do something that you will regret. I wish I was in your shoes, with the ability to decide again.

    You say that you won't mind a scar in the back. That's what I thought before my hair transplant. You know what? I sure felt differently about the scar AFTER the transplant. I hate it. You will hate that scar, too, since it permanently prevents you from being able to cut your hair short in back. And there is no guarantee that the grafts in front will look natural.

    Bottom line? Don't do it. Consider yourself lucky that you don't have a scarred head. Don't make the mistake that I made. Best wishes with your decision.

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