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    Default 17 years old, am I going to go bald?

    Title has my question, noticed around a year ago my hairline wasnít all that great, and Iím afraid itís only gotten worse, or is getting worse. Is the state of my hairline now a bad sign, or is it just maturing?
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    Looks like mpb I would get on Propecia asap! Donít listen to anyone who tells u not too they are ruining u this if ur hair means a lot to u

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    Not sure if this would be important to note as well, but the hair on the edge of my temples has been much thinner than than the hair everywhere else, even when I was in middle school it was about the same as it is now. Iím not sure if this means anything or helps my case, but if it affects it in any way, Iíd like whatever information I can get. I also have a picture from over a year ago showing my hairline here from when my hair was a bit longer, you can see the temples are still thin and the corners up top are about the same but covered up by a bit of hair, which they normally are. Click image for larger version

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    Default wow

    When I was younger I didnít know anyone who had hair loss, except my younger brother. I put that down to nutrition. He ate a lot of meat, but not much fruit and vegetables. These days itís quite common to see young men with hair loss. I think stress is a big cause. Look for your trigger points that makes you stressed and deal with them. Driving is probably the biggest stress point. Iíve noticed how many drivers who drive fast are bald. My older brother lost a lot of hair when he had a stressful job. He left the job and over 12 months a of hair grew back. Avoiding stressful jobs is one way, but could lead a boring life. It would be better to learn how to deal with stress and stop reacting to everything.

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    I guess if none of your relatives has the same issue, you are most likely doing something that causes this. I mean, it could be stress or nutrition, like the previous member noticed. I would recommend to read my cousin's blog ​ ​https://irenekot.com/ where she shares healthy and effective tips. Also I would recommend to reduce bad habits - smoking, alcohol, etc. Also - it's my personal tip - mind your sleeping hours and do sports. Seriously. If it's ot a genetic problem, it can be solved. By you must be sure that you are doing everything properly.

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    Well as for relatives with hair loss, and yes, this is probably an absolutely awful sign, my uncle and my granddad, both on my momís side, are bald. My dad still has a full head of hair, though, and I believe his dad did as well, as well as most of, if not all of the guys on my dadís side, I believe. Not sure if any of that means anything, other than the info about my uncle and granddad on my momís side.

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