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    Default Ru58841 bloosom ready mixed £33 bottle

    Hi im not sure about this indian company selling 60mls of ru it works out there premade is about £33 a bottle it says as we know keep it in the fridge or freezer when you receive the company is called blossom re58841 i was tempted but decided on still making my own using purity at £107 including post for 10grams as i do like this company and trust them.
    Has anyone tried this premix from them i can not trust or be bothered with kane or as its known angenic with there silly bit coin payments just too much hassle i have said before paypal told me as long as its for research purposes theres nothing still stopping kane from using paypal again exceipt its easy to get a refund from paypal if things go wrong.

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    By the way guys you may find this interesting as this is the trials of RU58841 by prostrakan who took over from the french rousell corp the drug which was then changed to PSK3841.
    Anyway the drug was tested first on stumptail macaques male and female as well as mice on the flanks for safety to see if it was systemic like topical flutamide and casodex and it was found that 5% either once or twice a day it was non systemic.
    The stumptail macaques had the solution applied to there frontal bald areas on four monkeys and it was noticed that it did indeed induce hair regrowth that would now need to be trialed on humans.
    So in the trials the mix was a solution of 50% PROPYLENE GLYCOL
    the phase 1&2 human trials consisted over four weeks then phase 2 double blind multi centered radom sized trial over six months with a 5% and 2.5% once a day on 120 people now it was said it was as good as oral finasteride if not better remember this was once a day so i think it should be used twice either a 5% or perhaps under 8% twice a day until hair growth hair fall has ceased then maybe if you have serious baldness then a higher dose maybe required we do not know i think that 5% would be a good starting point once in the morning 1ml and in the evening.
    I am thinking have we got the trial mix right but the data is above on the ingredients.

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    I wanted to add i think the ingredients in the trial maybe a bit greasy but perhaps thats like rogaine perhaps it needs to be to stay on the scalp and to reach the through the skin.

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    Is Hellhouser still around as i wanted to ask his advice on the prostrakan mix i posted above i presume it would be a bit greasy also is an 8% mix in say 60mls best for advanced male hairloss.

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