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    Default Why I buy into the hard scalp theory, and my plan

    Study here: https://www.longdom.org/open-access/...54.1000138.pdf

    It's a very short read, highly recommend not skipping reading it.

    The argument is essentially that grease gets trapped and causes the scalp to harden/thicken and form a dome shape. Through persistent massage over a long period of time, grease gets freed and skin loosens and flattens and allows hair to regrow.

    I noticed looking at my own scalp, that when I raise my eyebrows, there's a distinct line where the skin gets hard that lines up with the pattern of my hairline recession. While I raise my eyebrows the loose skin moves freely upward, but at a certain point it turns into a hard shell that all moves together, and seems to be pulled downward: https://giphy.com/gifs/hRCiA3SwhYjJzZHPtr

    See attached photo if you don't see what I mean.

    After giving myself a scalp massage, I can say that it feels amazing and I felt relaxed afterward.
    My plan is to do two 20 minute massages a day (as done in the study) for the next year. I will also raise my eyebrows a lot as I think that exercise is part of why I felt so good afterward. Perhaps it is relieving some tension from a lifetime of emotional repression by moving those facial muscles that people generally use while communicating and emoting. I will take progress pictures every month to see if my hairline has improved.

    I'm not gonna expect any hair to regrow, because I don't want to be disappointed, but I do at least expect to see my scalp soften up.

    As a side note, raising my arms to massage my head will be a good way to help with my shitty posture from too much computer usage. So worst case I make my scalp feel good and help straighten out my back.

    Has anyone tried this and actually had the persistence to stick to it for a long time?
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    Would be interested to see others do the eyebrow raise and see if they have a similar "hard shell" on top of their head. Also, if someone knows someone who can grow a full head but chooses to shave it, to see if theirs looks any different.

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