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    Unhappy Dr Jones

    based on what i have read, i have made a terrible mistake using Dr. Jones, he did a FUT on me and the shock loss has been terrible, its been about 3.5 months and I have lost more hair then i have gained. My scar seems fine but the growth is sparse, is it just because i'm in early stages, and the shock loss should have been communicated to me. Am i in trouble guys ?? Has anyone had success with Dr. jones....he's been doing it for years, you think he would have figured it out by now....

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    Hi there,
    Early days so don't worry too much at this stage.
    Visit my website: SPEXHAIR Watch regular segments and interviews on The Bald Truth UK show

    You will see me featured in various newspapers and you can read my regular columns for The Telegraph and The Huffington Post, Apetogentleman and Vitabiotics. Run a search on google for Spencer Spex Stevenson and you’ll find a great deal out about me and the industry! I am not a Doctor and all my posts are my own personal opinion based on 13 Hair transplants. Always consult with your own family doctor prior to embarking on any form of hair loss treatment or surgery.

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    Default Thanks Spex

    i know its early days, but just not feeling it. The crazy thing is that Rahal is down the street from me and I didnt know it...if things dont work out and I see rahal for repair does anyone know is per graft rate, also if its path work is that and FUE??? and if an FUE do they have to shave my head as most photos depict?

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    Minglo, relax for now. Shockloss should be temporary if done right. It should return by month 8. If by then, it is the same, then think of getting second opinions. Right now, do not stress yourself out. Again, at that point, if by month 8 it still is the same, you should contact actual ethical repair surgeons for opinions.

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