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    Default 2600 wonderful grafts by Dr Lupanzula at Medikemos clinic in Bruxelles, Belgium.

    Hi there, I just thought I should share my experience during my time and results from my FUE procedure with Dr Lupanzula. First of all prior to my decision about having this procedure (I had previously had a very poor first transplant (strip method 1200 grafts) about 7 years ago at a london clinic called ZEIRING. I would absolutely not recommend going to this clinic if you are in the London area as they were extremely useless and unprofessional and they heavily scarred the back of my head with absolutely no results of new grafts from their technician based procedure. THEY ARE CON ARTISTS. I can explain to anyone in greater detail about why that clinic should be aborted but this review is about Dr- Lupanzula and how he and his team were my only saving grace.

    I can only apologise for the long winded write up but there is no way I can share this information without going into great detail as the whole hair loss experience has really altered my life quite negatively (until I met Emorane Lupanzula). So my first ever transplant was a complete disaster. Had an ear to ear strip scar which makes short styles on the back and sides very difficult and I had absolutely no Regrowth from the initial procedure. This was at the age of 21. I spent the next 6 years slowly sinking into depression as I was left with the impression that all hair transplants are a very expensive scam. While pretty much failing in all areas of my life due to severe depression and anxiety (something which bizarrely no one around me seemed to understand or care about) I was just left to my own devices trying to figure my life out. Itís extremely daunting for any human being to lose their hair let alone a young man who should have nothing but excitement and positivity about their future. Take into account a nice big scar to accompany that balding head and yeah, you have the recipe for complete social isolation. And thatís exactly what happened. Everything changed.

    After struggling extremely with the concept of my hair loss and scar and at that point in time no hope for actual hair restoration through the process of hair transplantation (due to my initial mistake of going to the london clinic) I decided to get SMP. It was mainly because all advice for scar coverage up was pointing to the tattoo. So I went ahead with it... now to be fair the tattoo itself was kind of cool at first. I went to SKALP Harley street and they are actually very good if you stay sane and go for a mature realistic hairline. In terms of scar cover up it didnít really do much good as it just replaced the white line with a thick dark line. A few years later I got the tattoo on the scar removed with laser. I still kept the tattoo on the top of my head because I thought a little something was better than nothing. Then something really strange happened.

    I randomly stumbled upon the HAIR TRANSPLANT MENTOR and hair loss god JOE TILLMAN. Safe to say I spent hours and hours studying his advice and I was shocked to find out there actually could be some hope in terms of hair restoration, But I knew most candidates arenít suitable for the procedure and given my negative history with it all I thought it was very unlikely I would be a good candidate. I still studied it further regardless. Then I saw a video of JOE where he went to visit Dr Lupanzula and I trusted him faithfully (I get a good vibe from someone just by studying their body language and how genuine they seem).

    So just to recap I am 27, have a strip scar (with somewhat of a depleted doner (-1200 grafts from first surgery) probably on my way to a Norwood 6 and yeah, I have SMP. Not exactly the most easiest and straight forward of candidates. That didnít phase Dr Lupanzula however. One of the main reasons for me choosing Dr Lupanzula in the first place was 1; his reputation. Ask anyone whoís deep into the hair restoration world and they speak of this man VERY highly. The second was that prior to embarking into hair transplantation he was a facial reconstructive surgeon. Meaning he specialised in accident repair. Thatís the kind of human being i need to meet with and talk with.

    As soon as i could i went to meet Dr Lupanzula for a consultation in london. The first honourable thing i noticed was that the consultation was FREE. Unlike the other money making companies like Dr RAGHU REDDY out of Harley street who charged me £100 just to tel me after two minutes I wasnít suitable and that i had to take finasteride for 6 months before he would think about reconsidering working on me (raghu reddy consultation was about 5 years ago long before i ever knew about Dr Lupanzula).

    Whatís funny is that my initial goal if Dr Lupanzula wanted to work on me was just to add some minor density on the top of my head while still having a shaved head with the attempt just to make the SMP look a bit more believable (extreme i know but desperate times call for...) anyway, I had done some research into fusing SMP with FUE and it seemed quite promising. After a talk with Dr Lupanzula he recommended me a 2,600 graft procedure with the goals of having my hair long! LONG HAIR WAS SOMETHING I THOUGHT WAS DEAD AND BURIED A LONG TIME AGO IN THE PAST.

    Our agreement based on my hair loss was two procedures. 2600 grafts to restore the hairline and 1/3 of the top off the head. And then a second procedure a year or so later to fill in the crown. He ensured me that it is most definitely not wise to fill such a large area in one procedure as its to much trauma to the new follicles as they require adequate blood flow in order to survive and grow healthy. This is advice you probably wont hear going to turkey.

    My actual experience however was nothing short of life changing. Yes i still have a mature hairline for a 27 year old and yes i still need work on my crown but the fact remains I AM IN A MUCH HAPPIER PLACE than i was a year ago prior to this surgery. I naturally have quite fine hair so i was never ever expecting a big thick wavey bush so i will always recommend doing your own research first as you really do have to have healthy doner hair as even the best doctor in the world like Emorane Lupanzula cant change your doner hair characteristics.

    But my god what a Doctor this man is. I have already taken up too much of your time for whoever decides to read this so i wont go on and on about all the ins and outs of why this man is so great but it all comes down to the naturalness of his vision and the way he seamlessly creates a natural hairline that is even hard for the patient to see that he or she has had a transplant. Also the direction of the grafts and types of grafts he uses just makes the whole end result absolutely jaw dropping. By using single finer hairs right at the front even in natural day light and under a really harsh zoom it still looks incredibly natural. Well, to me is does and quite frankly thatís all that matters as i am the person that has to live with myself. I would give Dr Lupanzula and his entire staff at MEDIKEMOS 10/10 and 100% satisfactory rate as its because of him and his team that i am actually happy again and can believe in myself that their is a future for me.

    I would 100 percent recommend anyone in Europe or close to the Belgium and london area to go and meet with him if you are struggling with your hair loss and your self esteem. You may in fact not be an ideal candidate but i can guarantee you that you will be in safest company in dealing with your hair loss issues. I honestly cant thank the world enough that there are people like him and his staff here on earth that are here to help people like me that have suffered in silence for so many years. So to Emorane Lupanzula THANK YOU SO MUCH. The world needs more highly skilled, nice and genuine human beings like you.

    I donít know what its like to post on forums like this so if anyone would like to see the results youíll have to message me and ill then look at how i go about uploading them from my phone to my iPad.

    Thank you all for your time and i can only apologise if this message was really long there was just a lot of information to share

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    Very good thread looks like your delighted.
    Do you have any before and after photos ?

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