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    Default CB-03-01 Vehicle - Minoxidil?

    Greetings - i've procured 10g of CB. Planning to do somewhere between 5-7.5% in two applications a day. Does anyone see a reason I couldn't mix into a months supply of minox liquid? I'd love to reduce number of applications per day by combining the two.

    Otherwise, for reference, currently just using minox (1 month) and just did first.

    (edit): Finally - if anyone has solid experience with this dosage of CB and would like to share their experience that'd be much appreciated.

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    If i remember cosmo did say that cb they have to mix it different to using ru58841 as it may not work thats why many like ru as it does mix in alcohol easy with no problems.
    You will have to look for info on the permulator mixer they used i think it has to be heated as well so its no good buying it thats why i stick to ru.

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