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    Default Help! Minoxidil sides: Chest pain, insomnia, nausea

    Hey there!

    I tried to use Minoxidil liquid Alopexy 5% in two time frames and got the same sides:

    First time 5% Alopexy liquid 1ml once a day for 6 weeks last december: Got a terrible insomnia always waking up after 4 hours of sleep

    Second time for 8 weeks until now: Again the same insomnia, chest pain, being tired the whole day directly after the application and hearing my pulse in the right ear

    The problem is that both times I had a significant improvement in my hair after a little shedding! And I can't tolerate the smallest dose of oral Finasteride (even tried 0.25% topical finasteride from Farmacia Parati once a week and get erectile dysfunction)

    It can not be the Nocebo effect because I did not read about the Minoxidil side effects until I got them

    I went to the hospital where they measured my blood pressure, made a electrocardiogram and
    echocardiography and told me my heart was in good condition and that they don't believe it's the minoxidil but still recommended to not use Minoxidil to see if the sides go away. When I measured my blood pressure at night (after waking up) the diastolic was low around 50 and the systolic normal (around 120)

    I tried:
    5% Alopexy Liquid 1ml once daily
    5% Alopexy Liquid 0,5ml every other day
    2,5% Alopexy Liquid (jusy added isopropanol) with less than 0.5ml every other day

    But still got the same sides.

    What can I do to reduce the side effects? Maybe try Foligain 2% Foam?
    Mix a 1% Minoxidil?

    I am already going to the gym 3 times a day. Should I maybe add some cardio?

    I have no other options!! (RU is too risky for me)

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    I also have the same problem
    The migraine kills me, I can't sleep at all

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    Iíve read everything you tried, and the list is impressive. Unfortunately, not all medications work. Besides, they might be highly addictive, and you will struggle even more after that. I want to ask you if you tried any traditional methods to reduce stress and anxiety? For instance, I practice my favorite sports. It helps me reducing stress after work, and I sleep way better. Besides, Iíve recently purchased a weighted blanket from I still have no idea how it works, but I sleep like a baby with it. Also, you may try to cut down on caffeine and sugar. These products affect our quality of sleep. I recommend you stick to those tips before taking any sleeping pills.

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    I also faced this problem. That was the reason to stop taking Minoxidil.

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    Minoxidil is marketed as 2% and 5% topical solutions for hair loss. According to the Online Pharmacy, this product is considered safe but should be used with caution. I was lucky not to experience side effects, maybe some nausea the first several days.

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