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    Default What the heck? (Diffuse Thinning)

    Hey all. I've posted here once before in Oct 2018. In 2017, I had a horrible year. Every moment was pretty much agony, without exaggeration. I developed an anxiety disorder that screwed me up for all 2017 and most of '18. I was also vegetarian at the time and was taking the drug omeprazole because I literally couldn't digest anything I ate. (Probably anxiety related.) Anyway, as I was getting better, I developed a pretty pronounced case of diffuse thinning. This has been going on since June of last year. Hair on laptop, on covers. Tons of hair in shower. I had gone to dermatologist who diagnosed me with Seb Derm (to her credit, I had a really bad case of it) and told me that my hair loss was probably due to that. I didn't trust her. Posted on here. Got the green light, and I was told I probably had mild TE.

    I notice I have body-wide tingling and muscle twitching. I'm definitely vitamin deficient. Working on that.

    23 and me, if it matters, projects that I will keep my hair until past my forties (74% chance). I'm 24.

    Anyway, if I have TE, I definitely have not figured out why. I started eating meat, I went off my medication, and I'm experiencing a lot less anxiety. I'm almost at baseline there.

    The reason I'm posting on here is my hair has not really improved. I seem to have hair thinning all over my head, and while my hair fall out is within a normal range, (something like 100 a day) that's a pretty high number for me.

    Interestingly, I have not experienced any receding, but my left temple point is crap. Not receded, but thin. The back of my head, near the nape, also looks weird and thin. My sides seem much thinner than my top, but I can see through my top more than I ever could before.

    Pictures are with hair a little wet. Flash used. Still have good coverage. I know this doesn't look that horrible, but the left temple is making me nervous and hair is shedding a lot.
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    Just bumping. Really needing some thoughts. Hair is noticeably thinner on top and on that temple point, and Iíve been worried about this for a bit now.

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