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    Default Travelling to Turkey in May for FUE with BHT

    Hey just wanted to get recommendations and feedback as I have a friend from Australia that has used Best Hair Turkey (BHT) over 12 months ago and is really happy with the results so far, so I was happy to go with them based on firsthand recommendation.

    Iíve been quoted Ä2100 for at least 4000 grafts and already told I will need a 2nd procedure to completely cover my balding areas. They will focus on the hairline and front this procedure and said I should return in 12 months for the second treatment.

    Overall Iím happy with whatís been described, although I donít have a lot of experience so was hoping there are others out there with good experiences from BHT or any other recommendations that I should consider before I arrive in Turkey in May.

    Thanks everyone in advance for any recommendations and firsthand experiences worthy of sharing!


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    Wow. Is it really that much cheaper in Turkey? Does that include airfare and hotel? I am see US prices at around $5 per graft (that is not splitting multi grafts down into singles).

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    OMG I need to visit this county, at least once in my life. Rich in ancient history, culture and food. Iíll be day dreaming that I see Hurren or Suleiman in their palace. What a fascinating country? If you want amazing vacation packages then you can visit different places..

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    Yes, it is safe to Travel to Turkey for Hair Transplant. This year Turkey has had a rough time dealing with terrorism and political instability. Although the political scene seems unsteady, it is still safe to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant. All economic sectors are still functioning normally.
    I really love Turkey and has planned to visit there at least once in a lifetime. It is better to choose help from tour agencies based in Cochin, as I am from Kerala.

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