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    Unhappy Why is Dr Karadeniz not on IAHRS anymore? Did he get kicked out?

    Hey all,

    I am new to this forum. I am a 22 year old Canadian man looking to get a hair transplant in Turkey. I have looked at Estevien clinic, Ekrem Civas, and Ali Emre Karadeniz. Karadeniz has given me a great price - 3000 euros all inclusive. I have looked at his website and videos and it all seems good. But I have recently found out that he used to be on IAHRS but not anymore? Does anyone know why?

    I really want to know as that is the only thing holding me back from booking with him straight away. Is there a bad reason he used to be on it but no longer is? Did he get kicked out? Maybe Joe Knows?

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    Hi did you use estevien clinic, Iím looking at these myself?

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    He was, but no longer now. It costs funds to be on and you have to really do lots of procedures based on economies of scale in Turkey. Not a lot of docs can afford certain memberships if they keep their procedure counts low. Sometimes they may think it is better to remain how they are as is and may not need such marketing as it may not impact them much. Some forums have gone anti Turkey scare tactics and obviously it affects businesses actually trying to make a living by doing the right things. Not all Turkish clinics are bad. Some do care about you, your donor, your results, vs only the money factor.

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