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    I called around about PRP. Was going to have a consult with a doctor in California who has been doing PRP for hair loss. I spoke with the associate that books that appointments (which are free). She was friendly and informative. She told me people are flying in from around the country. She wouldn't tell me definitively how much it costs. "Depends on how much you need." I squeezed out of her each session perhaps $2500 or more. I asked her if she had seen any benefits in the clientele and she replied that some of the patients have reported slowing of their hair loss. I asked her if she had seen anyone regrow hair in the frontal, top, or crown area. She said "no" and reiterated that the anecdotal reports were for slowing of hair loss. I was disappointed. I would have at least hoped for propaganda (as so many use)! There are always studies released that have positive findings but whose treatments fail to show benefits in the real world. I hope that this study will find positive results and the results released before publication which can take another year or more. I have been dealing with hair loss a long time and have tried almost everything. Each year there is some study that alleges a breakthrough. I remember a study from University of Miami that said they had discovered the switches that turn off hair growth. They made the news and were never heard from again!

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    for what it's worth have been emailing all the so called top ht docs re: current use prp (+-acell) and so far general concensus is not good. not good for me cuz i really wanted to try but not now and going to save my money. the following is just a sample email reply i rec'd which pretty much sums up the general feelings among majority of other top ht docs who replied back to me. buyer beware is basically what they are all emailing me. at least the docs who took the time to email me back were honest and ethical.

    Email from Robert Haber, MD
    "Jerry Cooley and Gary Hitzig are both friends of mine, but I am not aware that either of them are claiming that ACell and PRP are reliable treatments for hair loss. Unfortunately, there are no reliable unbiased studies that support the use of either of these treatments at present, so all results and claims are anecdotal. There are also a variety of methods of producing and administering PRP, so there is no standard protocol that all surgeons use.

    The only two products that have passed FDA scrutiny for hair growth are finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine.) LLLT is very likely to grow in popularity as clinical evidence of effectiveness is reported. We are hoping to achieve FDA 510(k) clearance in the near future for the LaserCap.

    The most effective treatment to date is finasteride (which I've been taking myself for 12 years without a problem) and while I certainly respect your decision not to use the drug, you will most likely experience a slow progression of your hair loss over time. Ongoing treatments with ACell and PRP over many years would far exceed the cost of LLLT as well as surgery.

    Each doctor will have slightly different methods of obtaining and administering PRP. ACell is the same for everyone, but administration techniques may vary.

    Most ACell is use at the time of surgery in cases where there is a concern about hair growth. It is gone very quickly, and would be prohibitively expensive to use for ongoing hair loss treatments.

    There is no formal training for ACell or PRP. These techniques are discussed at our meetings, and sometimes a doctor will arrange to visit a colleague to learn a particular technique.

    Some doctors offer PRP purely to make money. If you choose to undergo these treatments, choose a doctor recommended by *both *the IAHRS and the Hair Transplant Network, making it more likely to end up in the hands of an ethical practitioner.

    I use ACell during surgery in selected cases. I personally do not offer PRP, as I have seen no data whatsoever to support its use.
    Robert Haber, MD

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    Dr. Cole began using PRP because it improves healing after hair transplant surgery. When PRP improves hair, it improves existing hair shaft diameter rather than stimulating new hair growth. We had a patient who got a noticeable improvement in his hair quality from ACell/PRP treatments. He had been taking Avodart for several years before his first ACell/PRP treatment.

    It would be interesting to determine whether or not Avodart use enhances ACell/PRP treatments.

    Here is the video.

    35YrsAfter also posts as CITNews and works at Dr. Cole's office
    Cole Hair Transplant
    1045 Powers Place
    Alpharetta, Georgia 30009
    Phone 678-566-1011
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    My experience is that it does not and it made things worse.

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    HYPE and more false allegations........and ways for "doctors" to make more money off desperate people with hair loss.

    If prp were any good people would be flocking to get prp.

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    Yes so true. VictimOfDHT private message me? I have some questions for you

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