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    Default Follow up on buying my own systems, and questions

    30 year system wearer. Originally HCM. Check my other posts to see my history. I've been with a private salon for about 20 years. She charges $800 per system. I'm convinced I can get these for $200. I get robust systems not lace. The quality is sometimes good other times the system goes bald in 3-4 months and I consider myself an expert on style care. There are yoyo-ing quality control issues from China.

    I go in every 6-7 weeks to get the system re poly-fused on. Color if needed. $75 for this service.

    *I asked her today if she would service me as usual if I bought my own systems and she said she will not. This surprised me as a long term friendly client. The cost savings for me is just too extreme. Not even in near the ballpark if I bought my own systems. I can buy 4 systems for the price of her one. Her hair added is priced at $165.

    I need to look for a salon/provider that can poly-fuse service a system every 6-7 weeks for systems that I buy. Is there a list available for this on this forum? Eastern Mass/Rhode island? Or is this going to be impossible to find?

    I can't self service, that is not an option for me.

    Thanks for any advice.

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