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    Default Follow up on buying my own systems, and questions

    30 year system wearer. Originally HCM. Check my other posts to see my history. I've been with a private salon for about 20 years. She charges $800 per system. I'm convinced I can get these for $200. I get robust systems not lace. The quality is sometimes good other times the system goes bald in 3-4 months and I consider myself an expert on style care. There are yoyo-ing quality control issues from China.

    I go in every 6-7 weeks to get the system re poly-fused on. Color if needed. $75 for this service.

    *I asked her today if she would service me as usual if I bought my own systems and she said she will not. This surprised me as a long term friendly client. The cost savings for me is just too extreme. Not even in near the ballpark if I bought my own systems. I can buy 4 systems for the price of her one. Her hair added is priced at $165.

    I need to look for a salon/provider that can poly-fuse service a system every 6-7 weeks for systems that I buy. Is there a list available for this on this forum? Eastern Mass/Rhode island? Or is this going to be impossible to find?

    I can't self service, that is not an option for me.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    $800 does seem outrageous but I have seen places sell units for that price if they are european hair.

    But honestly you can get away with it for considerably cheaper.

    I recommend getting units from Best Hair ( Units are roughly $200 and for $55 more they can be pre-cut. You will have to glue them yourself or you could pay a local salon to do it for you. Im sure they won't turn down $50-$100 to learn how to do it and apply it. Costing you roughly $355 if you go this route? And units last easy 3 months and longer if you take good care of it.

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    We have the toupees with glue itself. When you get it, you just need to go to the salon to cut and fit for one time. Then you can remove wash and wear it by yourself at home. And the price is definitely much cheaper than you buy from the salon. If you guys need, please contact me.

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    Im paying $470 per system and get 12-months. Glad I made the change.

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    Why is self service not an option? I was also paying $800/piece, that was 10 years ago. I buy my own custom systems online and I have learned to cut them myself watching youtube videos and experimenting - this starting from not having a clue. I bought scissors and thinning shears on ebay and got to work. Yes, I ruined several but finally I am producing systems I can wear with confidence and I think they are better than what the "pros" were giving me. The confidence of knowing I can do this myself is priceless. No more worries if I move to x city who will do my hair? Me! And I do get them for $200/piece at, although I know there are several other websites that are similar. I buy supplies from (coloring and hair sprays).

    Btw, the others are right too, you can buy a custom piece and chop it down a little until it gets to the important part, then wear it in to a salon with a hat. They do get these requests so it's not totally strange to them. however, I do not recommend it as cutting a hairpiece is different than cutting growing hair, namely in that the hairpiece must be appropriately thinned at the appropriate spots, something they are probably not used to doing, it is a specific skill.

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