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    Would you mind sharing the horrible reviews about AEK you have read or heard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammed Khalil View Post
    Hi Everybody ,

    I'm About to do hair transplant in turkey but I'm little confused , I've been searching and I found some results and doctors ,

    Ali Emre Karadeniz / Recommended by many but I don't know why he is no longer IAHRS also there is no impressive results in his website , in addition he is taking a 3 patient per day .

    Arslan Musbeh / any recommendations ?

    Dr. Ekrem Civas /He is member in IAHRS but what confused me that there is no good result in hus web site especially Hair line not nice at all .

    Dr. Dimersoy / good result but the cost out of my pocket .

    Dr. Levent Acar / Nice result and nice hair Line I almost will go with this doctor .

    * Pleas don't just pass like you don't see , I'm really in need for your help to choose good doctor whit reasonable cost .

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    Have you done ur hair transplantation yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youngheart View Post
    Hey mate. I am in the same boat. Did you finalise anything?
    Hey Youngheart,

    I am in the same boat as you were, and as 'yer man was!
    What did you do in the end can I ask? I seen you had a bit of a spat with Joe Tillman and John Cole on another thread which gave me laugh!
    I'm strongly considering AEK in the next few weeks, but like you, have some apprehensions. Did you go with Ailsbury in the end? I'm in Dublin too, but didn't think anyone here other than HRBR were worthy of consideration? (And I'm not giving them the big dough they charge). I initially thought "Grand, I'll nip over to Turkey and get a HRBR quality HT for Ä3k rather than Ä12k." I thought by avoiding the Ä2k hair mill operations and paying around Ä3k for Karadeniz or Cinik or Acar - then I'd be in safe hands. Once you start researching though, it's an absolute mindf**k isn't it?!
    I'm badly in need of some good advice (other than "Do lots of research"!).

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    hey guys, here is my top 4 doctors that im planning to get a hair transplant with in turkey by priority .. can you please help to choose one (or have you other suggestion based on references or experiences ? ) Thanks

    Ekrem Civas, MD : (++) member of IAHRS and ABHRS and recommended by AHLA(--) some people complaing about his frontline design

    Tayfun Oguzoglu, MD : recommended by AHLA

    aek : not a member anymore of IAHRS (some bad reviews .. cant tell if they are true)

    Dr yaman : member of of IAHRS

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