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    I wanted to request some expertise on the donor area. Iíve read that a donor area can have 4-8,000 grafts depending on the individual.

    I had my first HT two months ago for 1700 grafts.

    Photos of me post op look to me although 3/4 of my donor area has been harvested & even over harvested in some areas where the holes are close together? My donor zone hair coverage isnít normal yet, Iím accepting it may take more time to heal and hoping itíll be okay, although I am worried.

    Do the photos look normal for 1700 grafts or will I be limited for donor hair in the future?

    Does over harvesting only occur if too many grafts are taken or are there other issues with fue which can damage your donor area and future HT procedures?

    Click image for larger version

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