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    Default Anyone know what is Shock Loss?

    I have heard about the term Shock Loss. What does it mean and what are the reasons for this to occur.

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    Sorry bro. No idea on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spex View Post
    Thank you Spex, for sharing the video. So the temporary shock loss is common among hair transplant candidates & not a problem at all. But what about permanent shock loss? what are the chances of it to occur? What is the procedure to tackle with permanent shock loss if it occurs?

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    shock loss does not always occur. it is a reaction to surgery that can occur in the recipient area and less commonly in the donor area. The only sure thing is that you will not be happy if you get shock loss. What causes it? Trauma can cause a temporary shedding of terminal hair making you appear thinner. You just have to wait it out. The hair will return. Another option in the recipient area is a sudden loss that is programmed to happen. This will not return. Shock loss begins 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Loss after a month is progressive hair loss that is programmed. Shock loss is not as common with the addition of regenerative products such as good quality PRP or cytokine-rich plasma, but it can still occur. Limiting the density of grafts can help to eliminate shock loss, but some people seem super sensitive to surgery and still experience shock loss with low-density grafting.
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