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    Default I'm Looking for Advice on Hair Transplant Surgeons

    Hi, I'm planning on taking the plunge and finally getting a hair transplant. I'm very nervous and don't want to make a bad choice.
    Has anyone had any experience with 'Gethair.uk' - They do the procedure in Turkey. I've been advised I need 4,800 graft by FUE - FUT. The surgeon is Dr Ilker Apaydin . . has anyone been treated by this surgeon . . cost for this is 4,000 Euro. it all sounds a bit too good to be true! I looked on the Gethait.uk website and they have video testimonials . . in one of the videos the patient is called Daniel . .and another video which looks to be the same patient he's called by a different name 'Mentesh'!!! . . maybe its me but it seems a bit fake . . some of the patient testimonial experiences sound like they were written by a marketing department rather tan genuine patients!! or maybe its just me!!! but other people have commented on it.

    My other recommendation is Dr Sikos in Budapest. He has recommended I need 2,500 to 3,000 graft which seems very little as my hair loss is quite excessive and also based that other surgeons have recomended 4,000 plus!! I have a skype call with Dr Sikos next week. Cost quoted for treatment is 3,600 Euro. Has anyone had any experinces with the Sikos Klinika in Hungary, Budapest? . . I see he comes recommended by spexhair.com.

    Thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer . . its a big and important decission and I want to get it right as I've heard of a few horror stories!!

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    Hi, had a FUT & FUE procedure with Dr Ilker last week. Used Gethair to book. Had a total of 4400 grafts which managed to get 9474 hairs. Was unable to fill in the back crown but that was always within my expectations. Procedure itself was long, over 9 hours, after the anaesthetic (painful) everything else was pain free. I suffered badly with swelling after the 3rd day to a point as was unrecognisable but the swelling as all gone now. So now its the recovery stage and to see if it was all worthwhile.

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