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    Default Bald patch in recipient site

    About 6.5 months ago, after much research browsing this and other HT sites, I got 2400 grafts to lower my hairline.

    Hair has been growing relentlessly since about mid way thru the 3rd month. Everywhere except this small 2cm square patch right smack in the center. I visited the doctor regarding this at about 5 months but got the standard cut and paste response "it takes 12 to 14 months to fully realize....". He didn't bother to examine it.

    The surgery took about 7 to 8 hours and the technicians started at the temples and worked towards the center, but it was the doctor himself that placed the grafts in the center. Could it be that these center grafts that were placed last were stressed from being outside the body for so long?

    Using a magnifying glass, I can see some very fine peach fuzz in this area but it has been there since month 4 and hasn't really changed in length or thickness.

    So now at 6.5 months, I tried to get a second opinion with a different doctor, but he refused to see me because I had the transplant done elsewhere.

    So where do I go from here? I know my body and I feel that there could be something wrong with the grafts in this area. I know that at 6.5 months I'm only half way there, and lots can happen even in a single week. But by seeing how the other areas are progressing, I don't really see how this patch is going to fill in.

    Is there an exam that the doctors can do to check if these grafts are still alive?

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