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    Default Colour your Hair without a worry. RichFeel ana-d-tox is by your side!

    The frequent colouring of hair can damage the cuticle which is the outermost layer of the hair shaft. It can also damage the internal structure such as cortex and medulla.
    Similar to a tree that has a bark as an outer covering, the cuticle is the outer covering for our hair shaft. For the hair colour to penetrate through the cuticle, it has to be lifted. All hair colouring products include some chemical or the other, which lifts up the cuticle, to deposit colour into the cortex (inner layer of a strand of hair).

    But the problem here is that is once youíve disturbed the cuticle, the damage has already begun because the cuticle is not meant to be lifted. And the longer the colour is penetrating your open cuticle and hair shaft, the longer the chemical has to attack and wreak havoc on your open cuticle and hair shaft by weakening and damaging them.

    The popular choice is to choose ammonia-free products because it is believed that it doesnít damage our hair so. This is a myth!

    Brands may advertise and declare the natural properties about their hair colour product, call it ammonia-free, but itís a known fact that all hair colouring products contain harmful chemicals.

    Chemical treatments cause damaging effects on hair due to,

    Chemical degradation of proteins
    Abrasion of protein layers
    As a result, the strength of the hair fiber is reduced, leading to various problems like

    Dry and rough Hair
    Split ends
    Dry and itchy scalp
    Hair breakage
    Loss of texture
    Hair loss
    On the scalp, the chemical treatments can cause irritation, dryness, skin discolouration. The cumulative, adverse effect on prolonged usage of such chemicals can be long-lasting or permanent, unless & until you pay it due attention, take action to limit the damage. To find out more about chemical damage to your hair, reach out to our hair experts.

    So! Is there truly a way out, to colour hair without feeling guilty of ruining it?!
    RichFeel ana-d-tox

    To know more -

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