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    Unhappy Bad Hair Transplant looking for repair advice & Dr recommendation

    I had my 1st Hair Transplant Nov 2018, 27 years old, 1700 grafts in the front.

    I feel I've made a terrible mistake of choosing a surgery in Turkey following the recommendation of someone Iíd met. Heíd had a transplant there, his hair looked good (I now realise this maybe because the front was styled down). I spoke to 3 other people whoíd had their hair done there and they were happy. I looked at all the reviews I could find online and bar one they were all positive. 

    2 weeks after my procedure when I saw my transplanted hair out of scabs I felt something was wrong, after researching I learnt how to create a natural hairline. I know this wasnít done right as they never inspected my grafts under a microscope before implantation and I can see multi hair grafts in my hairline.
    Also I donít think the angulation of all the grafts is 100% correct, I donít have enough knowledge to know for sure but the hairs aren't all uniform in direction / angulation.

    The most annoying part is that I normally research everything I do in detail, whether thatís booking a holiday or even buying a new vacuum! Not only that, in 2016 I actually consulted with Dr Farjo, Dr Bisanga and Dr Erdoğan when I was first considering a transplant, at the time I decided to wait to see how my hairless progressed.


Fast forward to now and for some reason a recommendation from someone sat in front of me with hair on his head was near sufficient. I met him at the perfect wrong time when I was ready for a hair transplant but hadnít yet had time to spend time looking myself for a clinic.




    1) My hair will probably look unnatural, to what extent is this fixable by fue extraction / planting single hairs in front of my existing hairline? - I think I could fit one row of single hairs before my hairline would be too low. Are there any before/after pictures of this kind of procedure anywhere or has anyone personally gone through this? 

    2) Does anyone have any experience with any repair Drís they could suggest?


I appreciate I should wait and see how the results turn out but Iím convinced itís not going to look natural and I desperately need to make a plan now so I can try put my mind at ease as Iím driving myself mental with regret and have been in a terrible state since realising my mistake.

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    Photos 17 days post op
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	left.jpg

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Name:	left2.jpg

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Name:	left3.jpg

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Name:	left4.jpg

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Name:	Photo 01-02-2019, 15 41 32.jpg

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Name:	Photo 01-02-2019, 15 41 36.jpg

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Name:	Photo 01-02-2019, 15 43 39.jpg

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Name:	Photo 01-02-2019, 15 54 32.jpg

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Name:	Photo 01-02-2019, 16 07 19.jpg

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Name:	Photo 01-02-2019, 16 07 34.jpg

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Photo 01-02-2019, 16 09 55.jpg

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    Hi Jon! I'm really sorry that you're not happy with this and that you're kicking yourself for not having done more research.

    First off, I will say that the pictures you provided don't seem too alarming - particularly without pre-op photos to compare to. I understand your reasons for concern, and I do think this is something you may want to address in the future, but there's really nothing you (or any surgeon) can do for you until the full results come in about 9 more months from now.

    For your own peace of mind, you could go ahead and start researching some top IAHRS surgeons and see if any of your top picks are willing to look at your pre-op and current photos and give you feedback.

    In the meantime, try not to stress yourself out over it too much. I've definitely seen way worse than you're presenting - and this could surprise you, ya never know.

    I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My opinions/comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

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    Thank you pkipling for your reply it means a lot!

    I 100% appreciate what youíre saying - I guess Iím just looking to find the best repair DRís / solutions or a plan to what I deem as an inevitable situation.

    From close inspection of my grafts/hairs and seeing many multi hair grafts in hairline and quite a few perpendicular / non uniform planted hairs AND seeing unnatural hairlines I didnít recognise before from before/afters this clinic is posting (with semi-pluggy hairlines) I desperately want to know that my fate isnít going be stuck with obvious transplanted hair forever.

    Iíve attached some photos pre op (I grew my sides quite long to cover the recession on top.)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	F9D1EB41-AA22-4A96-8C9E-F0C77BF80354.jpg

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Name:	0DC08C8A-6903-4360-A2CB-EA53FEE01A6E.jpg

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    I'll echo what pkipling said, it certainly doesn't look too alarming. The hairline seems realistic, and as for the grafts growing in funny directions, well, that's difficult to tell but will be more obvious now, when the hair is short and your scalp is still recovering from the surgery.

    Give it a little time, there are plenty of iahrs approved surgeons who could look at it for you if you want some repair in future. All the best.

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    It doesn't look bad to me at all. Best to wait and not assume anything if you can help it (easier said than done, I know).

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