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    Default Dr Brotzu trinov lotion

    Hi i have not posted very often lately but just today received my two bottles of Trinov lotion and applied one dose 6 sprays to scalp after using many topicals over the years i must say its a nice clear non sticky lotion and does not smell.
    I am back already a few weeks ago on finasteride two half 5mg proscar i some times add another half but am mostly on 5mgs a week which i notice hair looking a wee bit stronger.
    I will not be taking any pics as already have some and i will see if i have any improvement and you will know if i decide to keep using over the months, so lets see what happens as theres not much feedback as yet.
    As a long time honest member on hear and other old hairloss web sites you will not get any bullshit from me i will be honest.

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    Hey where did you purchase Trinov? As I am from the U.K.


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    Hi i got two bottles from an italian guy on ebay italy although it says not posting to the uk i sent a message and he agreed you should be able to do a search and find trinov but not yet on ebay uk.

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    Any news on Trinov results?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deftones62 View Post
    Any news on Trinov results?
    I used it for 6 months and no results. Seems most people are not getting good results.

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